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  1. A regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.

Well there you go...I've been Blogging since before Blogging was a word. In fact, I detest that word and much prefer the more generic term of website. I setup my site way back when mostly as a hobby. At the time personal websites were in their infancy and I had just finished a course in web design with my final project being what eventually became this place. I remember for awhile Blogs had become 'a thing' and soon everyone had one, but the majority of them didn't last and faded away as the novelty wore off. Today they are once again prevalent, but only insofar as various authoring packages have turned what used to be a specialized medium into something now akin to a commodity - it's drag and drop web publishing. I've resisted that path and am still kicking it somewhat old school.

Here you will find a window into my life, the good and the bad, the things that interest me and motivate me. I used to have a Commentary section, but I was forced to sign a Social Media guideline at work with an overly broad scope. Let's face it, these days everyone is always outraged about something so perhaps it's better that I keep my opinions to myself on here. The Livecam is something I've had from the beginning. It lets anyone take a peek at the feed from my two cameras at home (not that anything overly exciting happens). Originally they were put in so that friends and family from out of town could watch whenever the wife and I had events. It's something we don't even think about much anymore. In fact we even made the local news once concerning a story on webcams being 'hacked'. We explained to them that no, we hadn't in fact been hacked.

The News section is a way for me to keep everyone updated on what's going on in our lives. I find I end up relying upon it as a sort of diary and will quite often go back several years to find out when something happened whenever I can't remember. Reviews is just me giving short and concise overviews of whatever films I've watched. I don't pretend to be a professional reviewer and I don't just write about the latest blockbuster. Basically I'll write about anything I've watched on any number of mediums - from seeing it at the theatre, to watching on Blu-ray or Video on Demand (VOD), sometimes I even fire up the Laserdisc player. Finally, the Tech Corner lets me discuss all things technical - whether issues I've encountered at work or related to my hobbies at home.

I put a lot of time and effort into this site and while I mostly do it for my own edification, I always like it when others get something out of it as well. As a middle aged, happily married man, with a fondness for Kitties, who is still interested in technology (how's that for a personal summary) - I plan on continuing to update this place for the forseeable future.

Thanks for visiting and if you have any comments please click on the Mail icon on the left and send me a message.